Ellen Olivetti, Pathways Director, ACBC Certified

“I received my counseling certification in October 2012 and ACBC’s Marriage Specialization Course Certification in 2021.  The Lord laid it on my heart to become a biblical counselor to help people through the valleys in their lives with the truth and encouragement found in God’s Word.  The wisdom of the Bible is timeless and true, and often stands in contrast to earthly wisdom.  It’s my privilege to open God’s Word to hurting people.”


Mary Beth Harper, ACBC certified

“I became certified as a biblical counselor in December 2017 and have been counseling for over five years now. One of the things I enjoy most about counseling is being able to come alongside someone who is struggling and help them work through a problem, stress, or hardship from a biblical perspective.  I also love the opportunity that counseling provides to ask in-depth questions, listen to people’s stories, and walk with them for a bit on their journey.”


Gene Olivetti, ACBC certified

“People ask me if I enjoy counseling.  I tell them that ‘enjoy’ is not the right word, but it is certainly challenging and rewarding.  I received my certification in 2012 and ACBC’s Marriage Specialization designation in 2021.   I especially like guiding men to a better understanding of what it means to be a servant leader in the home, and the high calling God has for husbands and fathers.  My wife and I conduct marriage counseling together, and it is always good to bring God’s Word as well as our experiences to the table to help others in need.”


Larry Brokaw, ACBC Certified

The Lord gifted me with a compassion for hurting people of all ages. I see Biblical Counseling as a deep personal calling to serve Him by serving others. I’m a US Army Combat Veteran.  I did my undergraduate work at Purdue University, graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and AMP Institute of Technology.  I’ve been married for 36 years. Together, my wife and I have five adult children and 13 grandchildren.  I was ordained as a Ruling Elder in the PCA in 1997.  I received my ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification in 2022.  By God’s grace, I have a passion for His Word and helping others apply its healing power to their lives.


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